More Telltale Games: The Walking Dead Before Season 3?


Telltale Games series based on The Walking Dead has been a huge success.  So far, the series includes Season 1 (5 episodes), 500 Days (supplemental content), and season 2 (5 episodes).  It wasn’t too long ago that it was announced Telltale Games would be releasing a third season of the popular franchise.

Luckily for fans of the series, they may not actually have to wait until season 3 is released to get a fix of the game series.  According to the folks at Bloody Disgusting and a South By Southwest interview featuring Telltale Games and Mojang, there have been some hints that another supplemental package just like 500 Days could be available before season 3 is released.

Here is the interview from the SXSW event according to the Telltale Games account.  For the portion about The Walking Dead’s new content, skip to around the 40 minute mark:

Odds are that this content will not be part of the main storyline of the game involving the young protagonist named Clementine.  Still, it will be nice to get some more of the fun storytelling and great characters that Telltale Games has given us with their series based on The Walking Dead.

When you add in this cryptic tweet from Skybound that was posted on Sunday, things add up even for a possible cool surprise when it comes to the series.

As always, we’ll do our best to keep you up to date on the events that are happening concerning Telltale Games: The Walking Dead.  On a personal note, I absolutely love this series and have played through every piece of content that I could so far.  When any new content is announced or released, I’ll be sure to pass the information along.

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