Walking Dead Spoilers: Will anyone die in episode Try?


ill we lose anyone in the next episode of The Walking Dead? 

Every Sunday night when we are watching The Walking Dead, we wonder if we will be losing anybody tonight. Which one of the members will we be losing today?

On the most recently played episode, we lost Noah and Aiden as they were on a supply run. During the run, Aiden felt like he wanted to get some target practice with a walker that had combat gear on from head to toe. He wouldn’t take the advice from the others to go up to the walker and just cut his head off, so he just kept shooting. Unfortunately, he shot a grenade that was also attached to the walker and it exploded.

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The explosion left Aiden impaled onto a fork lift and he could not be taken off. It was as if he was a bus stuck on a spider web and a number of walkers were ready to eat him up.

Also in the most recent episode, we lost a member that was part of the group. We lost Noah! Glenn and Noah were stuck in the revolving glass door from hell. Noah got pulled through and was torn to shreds by the walkers that were looking for a good meal.

We lost a couple of members last week on the show, so we wonder how many more we will lose in the coming episode.

The Spoiling Dead has the answer for us again for the next episode. Here is what they said for the episode Try:

"-Does anyone die this episode? If yes, who?Nobody dies."

Plain and simple, nobody is going to die in the next episode. It sounds like they are going to save all the deaths for the finale in a couple of weeks. That finale is going to be intense. They extended that episode to be 90 minutes. We will see what type of action we will see on that night.

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