Talking Dead Guests 3/22/15: Episode 515 – ‘Try’


Talking Dead has become a regular fixture for many fans of The Walking Dead.  The after show where they discuss the events of the previous episode is a great way to catch things that you might have missed and absorb the information that you just received.  However, it’s also great when there is an awesome selection of guests to help entertain and enlighten us during the show.  Lucky for us, three of the best possible guests will be on the couch next to the show’s host Chris Hardwick tonight.

Here are the folks who will be joining “The Nerdist” for tonight’s episode of Talking Dead:

Chandler Riggs

  • This will be the first time that the young actor who plays Carl Grimes will be a guest on the show.  It will be interesting to see the insight he brings into the scenes from this week’s episode of The Walking Dead that involves him and Alexandria’s Enid.

Gale Anne Hurd

  • “Gunner Gale” is an executive producer for The Walking Dead as well as the new companion series that will start a whole new story based in The Walking Dead’s universe.  She’s also been a huge part of big projects like the movie Aliens and the Terminator series.  She’ll give insight into the inner workings of the show.

Yvette Nicole Brown

  • As far as superfans of The Walking Dead go, there are none that reach the levels that Yvette Nicole Brown has.  I’m sure she’ll have her handy notepad full of pages of notes from this week’s episode of The Walking Dead and be talking about details that most people missed.  She’s always a great guest on the show.

Talking Dead will air immediately following The Walking Dead on AMC.  That should be 10 pm EST tonight!  As always, be sure to check your local listings for actual time and availability.

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