The Walking Dead Recap: S5E15 ‘Try’


This week’s episode of The Walking Dead, ‘Try’, aired Sunday, March 22, 2015. It was a perfect set up to the sure-to-be dramatic 90-minute season finale that will leave us exhilarated and longing for fall.

Aiden’s death is felt in Alexandria at the top of the episode in a beautiful montage set to Aiden’s Nine Inch Nails CD in Deanna’s living room until Reg, like Tyreese, says, ” Turn it off.” We see Aiden, Reg and Spencer, sullen. Carol cooking a casserole then dropping it off on Deanna’s doorstep with a sympathy note. A walker essentially dancing to the metal music backdrop before getting picked off by lookout Sasha. And the flame of the candle used to burn the note that came with the casserole that still lay on the porch.

Glenn let both Rick and Nicholas know what was what in his talks with each of them although neither really heard him and both will suffer for not listening. Glenn told Rick that the group has to be in Alexandria.  That they are Alexandrians now. He told him that Noah believed in this place and they have to make it work. He told Nicholas that the deaths he caused are on him and he should not go outside the walls of Alexandria ever again. Glenn let Nicholas know that he is not cut out for it–Nicholas may want to protect the town, but the town is protecting him and Glenn is not threatening him, he is saving him!

Sasha is hunting walkers and Rosita and Michonne are trying to help her. They are all dealing with the effects of Alexandria and loss and how to adjust. Rosita mentions that Michonne didn’t bring her sword, and Michonne said she felt like she was asleep trying to forget and had some flashbacks of hooded and petted Michonne. Rosita seemed to represent a hope for something in the middle of gains and losses. Sasha, sick of playing defense,  started to break down, remembered how she told Noah he wouldn’t make it, but then closed up again accusing Michonne of everything having worked out for her.

Enid and Carl got to know each other a little better in the woods, hinting at a future romance and also talking about how they don’t want to forget the past and how they need to be out there sometimes. Enid says, ” It’s their world; we’re just living in it,” referring to the walkers shuffling by as they hide in a hollowed out tree touching fingers.

Little bits and pieces we find out include: Aaron and Daryl found more hints at the W people with a freshly de-limbed body tied to a tree. And Nicholas was the blender gun thief. Nicholas told a crazy version of the events of Noah to Deanna that made him look like a hero. Tara is still alive and in stable condition.  

Finally, Rick tried to explain to Deanna, who was already aware of the abuse situation, the need to kill Pete. Deanna let him know they are a civilization; they don’t kill, they exile. Rick tried to explain how she didn’t understand the ways of the new world, but didn’t go into too much detail of his past experiences with The Governor or Gareth, but later would go into way too much detail after getting into a physical fight with Pete that led out the front window and into the town streets.   A bloody Rick wouldn’t stop talking until Michonne knocked him out to end the episode.

The 90-minute season finale looks to include exile and intrigue and more Pete with Carol threatening him with a knife. Who knows what will happen and how far off a cliff we’ll be left hanging for the summer. Gale Ann Hurd said on Talking Dead that “there will be blood and not all of it walker blood.” Hopefully,  it will be Alexandria blood.

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