The Walking Dead: How Tyreese Could Have Helped in Alexandria


We miss Tyreese because we loved him. We were sad because we lost him, but we were at the time paradoxically relieved to give Tyreese a much needed peace and release from the stress and anguish this world brought to him.  Then just a short time after we met Aaron and learned of a safe haven, a place where Tyreese could have rested in peace without the permanence of death. Not only would Alexandria have provided a place for Tyreese to rest, it would’ve provided him a job. A job that would’ve helped Alexandria and our group the same time: Ambassador.

I think Deanna would have figured out quite soon that Tyreese’s honesty, sincerity and his experiences with good and evil would have made him the perfect representative for both communities:

the world out there and the world in here. Tyreese would have been able to finally not have to go out there anymore, but unlike the others, that wouldn’t have made him weak. His memories were strong enough to keep him strong. He didn’t need to go back out there to remember;  he’d never forget. Those memories would have  also helped our group. He could have  explained with more calm and clarity to Deanna the necessities and realities the outside world creates. He’d seen the church slaughter, look at the flowers, Beth and Dawn, The Governor and more. He’d learned lessons about violence and forgiveness and anger and guilt. He would’ve been an even more powerful addition to Maggie.  Tyreese’s likely desire to stay in Alexandria and want to make it work for Deanna and the group would have given both sides reason to trust him and listen to him. Even if Rick and Carol wanted to plan behind his back, Tyreese keeping Deanna pacified could have only helped their cause. And whatever Rick wanted Deanna to understand could’ve probably be better translated through Tyreese.

What do you think? Would Tyreese have liked it at Alexandria?  Would he have helped? Would he have made things worse? Do you miss Tyreese?  Unfortunately,  he’s gone, but hopefully,  as his hallucinations told him, “It’s better now.”

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