The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Promo Videos ‘Conquer’


The Walking Dead’s season 5 finale is titled “Conquer” and will be a 90 minute episode.  With all the events that have led up to this point on the hit AMC show, the finale looks to be a lot of crazy stuff that leaves us all breathless.  So far, there have been three sneak peeks released for The Walking Dead’s season 5 finale, so let’s take a look at them.

The first promo comes to us from Spoiler TV and features a town meeting with the folks from Alexandria discussing what to do about the crazy outburst by Rick Grimes.  Then, the video goes into talking about someone wanting to hunt them down and try to kill “us”, but Rick saying that they’ll kill them first.  Here’s the first sneak peek:

The second promo video also comes to us from SpoilerTV and features Maggie having a lengthy conversation with Deanna about Rick and the group.  She’s talking to them about the meeting that will take place with the residents of Alexandria to figure out what to do with Rick and his group.  Maggie tells her that exiling Rick won’t work and that he’s struggling to adjust to life in the walls and is frustrated by comparing that to what he’s had to do in the past.  It was noted that Michonne was the one to stop Rick’s tirade in the streets of Alexandria, but Maggie’s pleas seem to fall on deaf ears.  Here is promo number two:

The third and final promo is from the YouTube account of TooFarGone and was the one featured on Talking Dead.  This one shows Carol making a visit to Pete’s house to remind him of his medical responsibility to check on Tara’s wounds.  He tells her to leave, to which Carol responds by pulling a knife and holding it to his throat.  Here is promo number 3:

As of now, we have really no idea what is going to happen aside from what we’ve seen in these promotional videos.  As with the premieres and finales of The Walking Dead, spoilers will likely not be released for this episode and we’ll all be left in the dark.

For now, promotional videos are all we have to go on.  But from what I’ve seen, the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead looks to be one heck of a crazy time.  Watch for it on Sunday, March 29th on AMC at 9 pm EST.  Be sure to check your local listings for time and availability.

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