Walking Dead season finale promo video


The Walking Dead season finale airs on Sunday on AMC. Here is the promo video for the episode.

I cannot believe that we are already here to the season finale of The Walking Dead. This weekend we will be getting to the 90 minute season finale.

Here is the promo of the finale right here:

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In the previous episode, Rick and Pete have gotten into a fight that spilled out into the street. The Alexandria community is trying to stop them from beating each other to death. Rick is tired of the community. He knows that they are in trouble and he is doing whatever he can to get it into their thick skulls that they need to be aware of the things that are outside of the walls.

Glenn confronts Nicholas and tells him that he will never leave the walls again. Glenn doesn’t trust him with people. He knows that Nicholas is a coward and will do whatever he can to save himself over other people that he goes out on a run with.

Carol wants Pete dead. She would love to see any domestic violence abusers dead. She did try to make peace by giving a casserole to Deanna though.

Daryl and Aaron are out scouting and they have found some other humans are around. We don’t know who they are at the moment and they will likely be introduced in the finale. Daryl and Aaron also have found another walker that was cut up into pieces. There are some sick individuals out there. They found someone who was tied up to a tree that was killed by walkers.

The season finale is going to be intense. Can’t wait to see how everything goes down. What is going to happen in that 90-minute episode?

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