A Walking Dead Party on an Apocalypse Budget


Would you like to have a Walking Dead party for a bunch of walker friends or just a few friends or even just your family in their pajamas? A Walking Dead Party would be fun for any Sunday, any marathon, season opener or season finale.   We’ve all seen really elaborate and creative decorations and food ideas online and on Pinterest, but you can host a fun party without spending a ton of money. Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Bob/Gareth/BBQ: Anything BBQ or burgers or meatballs would work!  Party City sells small plastic sword toothpicks for appetizers!
  • Hershel’s Spaghetti: Slurp it up like Daryl or eat it nicely like Aaron and Eric. Or go for Tara’s S’getti rings.
  • Morgan’s Chips: Mat said Welcome! Any kind of chips!
  • Carol’s Cookies: Any kind of cookies!
  • Carl’s Pudding: Chocolate pudding cups
  • Michonne’s Crazy Cheese: Crackers and spray cheese
  • Carl’s Stale M & Ms: Fun size bags or a bowl full, stale optional
  • Merle’s Cake with Pink Frosting: Self explanatory, or cupcakes
  • Daryl’s worm: Gummy worms or “dirt” dessert.


  • Pictionary: Play Pictionary with Walking Dead related words. Here’s a list to get you started: prison, RV, sheriff,  farm, woods, pizza, key, handcuffs, roof, bite, fire, watch, flu, pig, horse, gun, frog, ski cap, tank, eye patch, doll, baby, fence, vest, wings, boots, grenade, laundry, map, church, water, flowers, rats, brains, car, herd, ear, train, can, squirrel, owl, shovel, hospital, lollipop,  uniform. sword, bullets, screwdriver, mermaid, knife, arrow, backpack, blood, beard, trees, slippers, dirt, well, etc.
  • Alphabet Game:  Print out sheets for each guest with the letters A to Z. Have them fill in Walking Dead related words that begin with each letter throughout the night as they think of them.
  •  Character Drawing Game:  On the other side of the alphabet game or on another sheet divide the sheet into 9 squares. Have guests attempt drawings of any 9 characters.  See if other guests can figure out who the drawings are.
  • Word Search: Click to download and print for your guests.
  • Quote bag: Print out quotes from The Walking  Dead. Cut them up without the person who said them.  (Be sure to keep your answer key.) Put the quote slips in a bag or box or cup and have guests choose quotes throughout the night and see if they can name who said them.


  • Hand Stamps: Use a washable red marker to stamp hands with a red A.
  • Decorations: Print out sheets that say Don’t Open Dead Inside and/or Walker Inside Got My Shoe Didn’t Get Me for bathroom door. Fake Cherokee Rose in beer bottle.
  • Print out sheets with quotes from The Walking Dead and place all over on tables and counters. (Especially if you don’t want to use tape on walls)
  • White balloons/write quotes or character names on them with black marker.  Hang upside down from strings from ceiling. ( no need for helium!)

Do you have any other great ideas for a Walking Dead party on a budget? Ideas for supplies? Decorations?  Have you ever had a Walking Dead party? How did it turn out? Did people wear Walking Dead shirts or costumes? Did you play games or have prizes? Or just relax and watch?

Have fun discussing in the comments!

P.S. A tip from Adam Carlson: If you have a sheriff’s hat or a prize, put an A on the bottom of a paper plate or paper cup. The person with the A, gets to wear the hat or wins the prize! 

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