The Walking Dead: Is Michonne A Traitor To Rick’s Group?


Some fans of The Walking Dead were left scratching their heads at the conclusion of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead when things seemed to break down between a couple members of Rick’s group inside the walls of Alexandria.

While Rick is struggling to adapt to life in the walled community, some of the other members of his group are finding the transition to be much easier.  Maggie seems quite happy with her job working for Deanna.  Father Gabriel is already trusting Deanna more than the members of Rick’s group.  And even the badass Michonne has put her trusty sword on display in her new home.

This gap of being able to adjust to life within walls got bigger prior to The Walking Dead’s season 5 finale when a bloodied Rick Grimes was pointing a gun at the members of Alexandria and shouting that they are not survivors.  Nothing seemed to be able to stop Rick, not even his own son pleading with him, until Michonne stepped up and knocked him out cold.

The episode ended at that point.  We don’t know how the other members of Rick’s group or the residents of Alexandria feel about this incident, but the big question is how the other members of Rick’s group of survivors will see this incident.

If it is still “us” versus “them”, and Rick’s group still puts their needs in front of those of Alexandria, they could view Michonne’s actions as traitorous.  If Michonne had done this to Rick prior to this incident, there is a good chance she would have been sent away the way that Carol was when she took matters into her own hands at the prison.  Carol’s actions were seen as a danger to the group and Michonne could be toeing the same line.

While I think that Michonne’s actions were necessary to calm down Rick so that he would stop scaring the residents of Alexandria and show that not all the new members of the town are on the edge of nervous breakdowns, I’m really worried that this will be seen as a major divide within the Rick’s group.

If Rick is exiled because of his actions toward Pete and in the streets of Alexandria, will this divide up the group of survivors that have been together fighting for survival this whole time?  Will Rick understand why Michonne did what she did?  And will Michonne have to justify her actions to her former group?  We’ll find out a lot more about this during the 90-minute season 5 finale of The Walking Dead on March 29, 2015.  It can been seen at 9 pm EST on AMC, but be sure to check your local listings for actual time and availability.

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