Walking Dead season finale spoilers: (spoiler) is shot


Some spoilers have been leaked already about The Walking Dead season finale that is supposed to air on Sunday. Here is another one. 

***********SPOILERS INSIDE**********

More spoilers are being leaked out about The Walking Dead season finale. We recently shared information that Glenn will have Nicholas at gun point, but we were not sure if Glenn would pull the trigger or not. The Spoiling Dead shared more information on that scene.

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Glenn will actually be shot by Nicholas in the shoulder first. Glenn almost kills Nicholas, but decides to spare his life. Glenn will have him at gun point, but will decide to let him go. Glenn was later seen helping Nicholas walk.

It seems that the Nicholas and Glenn are going to have a bit of an altercation and instead of using fists like Pete and Rick have done, they will be using guns instead. That makes things a little more hardcore for everyone.

Glenn will get shot, but it sounds like he will continue from the wound, but why would he let someone like that live? Hasn’t enough people died at the guys hands already? Haven’ t we learned that letting someone live will just end up screwing things up for someone else later down the line?

Nicholas and Glenn are working together, but letting him live is likely a bad idea. Letting bad people continue on has never been a good idea on this show and I haven’t seen many exceptions to the rule. We will see how this works out for Glenn and for Nicholas.

What do you think will happen? Will Glenn regret this decision to let Nicholas keep goin?

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