Walking Dead season finale: Why is Glenn crying?


During the Walking Dead season finale promo, Glenn is shown crying in one of the scenes. What is he crying for? 

********SPOILERS INSIDE*************

In one of the season finale promos, it shows a scene where it looks like Glenn is crying. The Spoiling Dead has the inside info on that scene and they say that he actually has a gun pointed to Nicholas’ head.

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The crew at the Spoiling Dead is trying to find out if he pulls the trigger or not on him though.

Nicholas is the member of Alexandria that cannot be trusted out on the runs. He only cares about keeping himself alive while he is out and has no issues leaving another group member in order to keep himself alive. He did it with Aiden. He did it with Noah. He also has done it in the past. He can’t be trusted.

Could Glenn really pull the trigger on him though. This would be out of Glenn’s character. Glenn is tough, but he has not been the person that kills other humans.

Glenn did give him a stern warning about leaving the Safe Zone. Glenn doesn’t trust him with the lives of other people. What will Glenn do with Nicholas?

What is Glenn going to do with that little jerk? Will Nicholas make it into Season 6?

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