Discussion: What if The Walking Dead’s Walkers Started Thinking?


The zombies on The Walking Dead are mindless monsters in human form looking for flesh to eat.  But what if they weren’t as thoughtless?  What if these walkers started thinking for themselves and could use things like doorknobs and work together to accomplish a goal?

That was the question poised to us at Undead Walking on our twitter page from our friend TWD this week.  Here is what was asked:

We turned this question over to our friends at theStream.tv’s The Walking Dead After Show to hear their thoughts on the matter.  Malynda Hale, Glenna Gasparian, David Fichtenmayer and Timothy Michael debated this topic, but there being a bit of a difference of opinion between them all.  Here is that clip from theStream.tv’s YouTube page:

Personally, I don’t want the walkers to start thinking, talking, using doorknobs or anything like that.  I really like that they are mindless monsters that have only one objective on their minds.  To me, The Walking Dead is mostly about the interactions with the people and what they’re doing to survive, but the walkers give the show an impending sense of doom that feels more like suffocation rather than a jump scare.

Changing the walkers would change the show completely.  And while I’m typically willing to try new things, this is one situation where I’d be very skeptical that the change was in the best interest of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  I think they’ve got a great formula going on and if they want to raise the fear factor they can always introduce some psychopathic humans, bigger hordes of zombies or perhaps even a new outside force to change the dynamic.

Would you be in favor of making the walkers think?  Make sure to let us know in the comments below and explain a bit as to why you feel that way.  And, as always, be sure to tweet us your questions about The Walking Dead to @UndeadWalkingFS and include the hashtag #TWDAS for consideration of inclusion in an article just like this one.

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