March Madness: The Walking Dead Edition – The Finals


We’ve reached the finals of the March Madness: The Walking Dead Edition character tournament.  14 characters have bit the dust and we’re down to the final two characters.  One living survivor will be taking on one dead survivor in the championship round and will earn a featured article on Undead Walking along with some special fan treatment.

Let’s take a look at the competitors and how we got to where we are.  Here is the bracket the way it currently stands, showing how we got to this point:

We’ve almost reached the end of the schedule!  Let’s take one more look at the the voting period during the finals of The Walking Dead’s March Madness tournament:

  • Sweet 16: March 10th – March 14th at noon EST (COMPLETED)
  • Great 8: March 15th – March 19th at noon EST (COMPLETED)
  • Final Four: March 20th – March 24th at noon EST (COMPLETED)
  • The Finals: March 25th – March 30th at noon EST  **Current Round**

The winner will be announced on March 31st.  Happy voting and may the best character win!

Daryl Dixon Vs. Hershel Greene

It has all come down to this.  The final survivor from the “living” side of the tournament is Daryl Dixon.  Daryl has unseated some of the toughest characters in The Walking Dead’s history to get to this point.  Along his way, he’s defeated Carol, Michonne, and Rick and looks to keep that momentum going.

However, he’s facing off against the winner from the dead.  Hershel Greene had a tough path to get to the finals as well.  He’s unseated Daryl’s brother Merle, The Governor and Andrea.  It will be interesting to see if the moral compass of the group will be able to take down his heavily favored opposition in the finals of The Walking Dead’s March Madness tournament!

Remember that voting for your favorite character will end March 30th at noon EST.  Be sure to let your voice be heard!  The winning character will get an entire article devoted to them along with some of the best social media mentions that we get about that character on our @UndeadWalkingFS twitter account or our Facebook page.  The best responses will be included in the article that will be posted on March 31st.

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