Walking Dead season finale spoilers: Will we meet the Wolves?


Walking Dead season finale spoilers are all over. A lot of them are just teasing us for that final episode on Sunday. We want to know about the Wolves. 

The spoilers are rolling for The Walking Dead season finale. One of the biggest questions is if we will find out what the ‘W’ on the head of Walkers stands for. Another question is if we will meet these ‘Wolves’.

The Spoiling Dead has the answers for us for these questions. Here is what they had to say in their Q&A:

***********************SPOILERS INSIDE***********************

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"Q – Do we find out what the ‘W’ means?A – Yes. Wolves.Q – Do we see The Wolves at all?A – Yes, a few of them."

We will meet the Wolves, but we won’t meet them all. How many are there? Who is their leader and are they the people who are cutting up walkers? Is this meeting going to be a good thing or a bad thing? How long will they be around?

There are so many more questions that I want answered on this topic. This served more of a teaser than a spoiler for all of us. The Wolves were bound to show up in this episode. There were so many hints of them showing up in the previous episodes that we had to get a glimpse of them in the season finale.

Now we will see what role the Wolves will play on the show.

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