Walking Dead 516: ‘Conquer’ Season 5 Finale FULL SPOILERS


Most of the time, The Walking Dead’s major episodes don’t have leaked spoilers.  Season premieres, the midseason episodes, and of course the finales are kept under tight wraps and it’s typically very difficult to get any of the information on those episodes out before they air on AMC.

However, the folks over at The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook have once again hooked up their fans with a full summary for Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.  A contributor known only as “Bulbasaur” has spilled the beans on the show’s season 5 finale set to air March 29, 2015.

While I won’t copy and paste the entire thing here, I will discuss some of the major things that happen.  For the entire spoilers, go to The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook and check out their full post.

Let’s talk about some of the major events that will happen in The Walking Dead’s 90-minute season 5 finale!


First, we get to see our old friend Morgan Jones in this episode.  He is confronted by a couple members of The Wolves during the opening sequence, but easily dispatches them.  Here’s the opening scene:

"“After threatening to take Morgan and kill him, Morgan takes him out ninja style with his hiking stick along with a second Wolves member (Jessie C. Boyd) who jumps out of some bushes. Morgan ties them up and puts them in the car. He sounds the horn and walks off.”"

Aaron and Daryl come across a strange person in a red poncho while out on a run and are keeping an eye on him.  However, curiosity killed the cat and the two find themselves trapped and surrounded by a huge group of walkers.

"“Daryl and Aaron lose red poncho guy, but find a food warehouse. Daryl opens a truck, which triggers a trap opening three other truck doors. It releases a hundred or so walkers. There are torsos hanging inside on hooks. Daryl wins zombie kill of the year after beheading three walkers with a rusty chain in one swing. They both take refuge in a car, surrounded by walkers pounding on the window. Inside is a note saying, “Trap, bad people coming. Don’t stay.” Too bad they didn’t see that memo a little earlier.”"

Finally, Abraham and Eugene finally put the past in the past and make up.  This is something that I was really hoping would happen soon so that we could see these great characters interact again.

"“Abraham visits a bed-bound, unconscious Tara. Rosita and Eugene are there too. Abraham and Eugene both apologize to each other for what happened in the past.”"

For the FULL spoilers for The Walking Dead’s season 5 finale, be sure to go to The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook.  And you can catch the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead on AMC Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 9 pm EST.  As always, check your local listings for time and availability.

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