A Look Back at The Walking Dead’s Season Five: They’re Screwing with the Wrong People


“They’re screwing with the wrong people.” That’s how Rick Grimes left us last year at this time when many of the survivors finally arrived at Terminus and reunited inside a locked train car after a long road from the prison after The Governor ended Hershel’s life with a swift swing of Michonne’s sword and the whisper of the word, “Liar.” 

Season Five wasted no time getting us back into the walker world of gore, action, heroes, despair, enemies, and surviving. Let’s look back at a quick-burst recap of season five.  I hope these tidbits bring back great memories for you!

The Fall Of Terminus

  • Sam made it to Terminus.
  • Sam got his throat cut.
  • A dirt and walker-guts Carol saved the day. 
  • Cool flaming and melting walkers.
  • Grimes reunion! Sasha and Tyreese reunion! Cross-bow reunion!
  • Morgan! 
  • Father Gabriel gave us shelter.

The Hunters And The Church

  • Abraham persuaded us to go to Washington.
  • Carol and Daryl followed Beth’s trail.
  • Bob got bitten, eaten and warned us of Gareth’s return.
  • The big A (like on  the train car)  was painted on the church telling our survivors that Gareth had trapped them again.
  • Gareth and the hunters were slaughtered.

The Road To Washington And Grady Memorial

  • GREATM left for Washington.
  • Beth met Noah, Dawn and introduced us to Grady Memorial.
  • Eugene peeped, sabotaged, confessed and got knocked out.
  • Carol and Daryl met Noah and Carol got run over.
  • Hostage exchange.
  •  Cool pink napalm walkers.
  • Beth got shot, Daryl shot Dawn and the world cried with Maggie.
  • Morgan!

Shirewilt Estates

  • Noah found his family’s home and dead family.
  • Tyreese got bitten and had beautiful hallucinations before dying.
  • Torsos, limbs, wolves and the letter W.
  • Mourning, PTSD, dogs, storms, music boxes, and stranger danger.
  • We are the Walking Dead!
  • Rick clocked Aaron.
  • Michonne took charge.
  • Flare gun eyeball walker.
  • Rick hid a gun in a blender.

Alexandria Safe-Zone

  • Who’s Deanna?
  • Rick shaved his beard.
  • Jessie gave Rick a haircut.
  • The survivors cleaned up and partied.
  • A big red A hand stamp.
  • Carol, Daryl and Rick conspired.
  • Aaron recruited Daryl.
  • Glenn clocked Aiden.
  • Rick and Michonne became constables.
  • Carol threatened little Sam.
  • Sam loves Carol anyway.
  • Carol inferred child abuse.
  • Carol told Rick he must kill Pete.
  • Father Gabriel betrayed the survivors to Deanna.
  • Maggie overheard the betrayal.
  • Abraham became foreman of the construction job.
  • Aiden died and Tara was severely injured on a parts run.
  • Noah was brutally devoured by walkers in a revolving door.
  • Deanna told Rick she knew about abuse, but we don’t kill people.
  • Glenn gave Nicholas a warning.
  • Nicholas digs up Rick’s blender gun.
  • More mourning,  PTSD, and the letter W.
  • Carl and Enid got cozy in a hollowed out tree.
  • Walkers!
  • Rick fought with Pete and ranted on the streets of Alexandria.
  • Michonne clocked Rick.

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