The Walking Dead Spoiler: Can Abraham Forgive Eugene?


We haven’t heard much on The Walking Dead about the rough relationship that Abraham Ford has with Eugene Porter.  Ever since Eugene told him the truth about his “mission” and revealed his reason for the lie, Abraham has avoided him and hasn’t really spoken to him since he beat Eugene down in the middle of the road to Washington.

It’s not that Abraham hasn’t shown that he cares.  In fact, Abraham has checked in on Eugene when they were in the back of the firetruck and he’s also slapped potentially poisonous water out of his hands.  Up until now, the two were not seeing eye to eye, but that looks to change during The Walking Dead’s season 5 finale.



Thanks to our friends over at The Spoiling Dead Fans, we now know that Abraham and Eugene will finally break the ice and actually talk to each other for a little bit.  The two are brought together because of the incidents in the episode two weeks ago that led to Tara being knocked unconscious with blood coming from her head.

Here is what “Bulbasaur” on The Spoiling Dead Fans has to say about Abraham and Eugene’s interaction during The Walking Dead’s season 5 finale:

"“Abraham visits a bed-bound, unconscious Tara. Rosita and Eugene are there too. Abraham and Eugene both apologize to each other for what happened in the past.”"

It’s sad that it took something like a traumatic incident to Tara to bring the group back together, but this was something that had to happen eventually on the show. Ever since Abraham found out about Eugene’s lie, the group hasn’t really been the same.  Eugene’s act of bravery to save Tara, Glenn and Nicholas was something that Abraham would have been very proud of and can hopefully help mend the wounds of their relationship.

For more great spoilers, be sure to check out our Spoilers page.  Also, don’t miss The Walking Dead’s 90-minute season 5 finale that is set to air on March 29, 2015 at 9 pm EST on AMC.  Be sure to check your local listings for actual time and availability in your area.

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