Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Spoilers: This Is Who Rick Kills


The Walking Dead will air it’s season finale this weekend, and we know who Rick is going to kill in the bloody final episode of Season 5. 

This weekend sees the season finale of The Walking Dead, as things will finally come to a head and the emotions will bubble over as Rick and the gan try to  figure out what to do in the Alexandria Safe Zone.

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Rumors have been swirling all week that there will be bloodshed in this episode of The Walking Dead — and we know who will have their blood spilled.

If you don’t want anything spoiled, then stop here and just wait for the show to air on Sunday night. If you want to know ahead of time and possibly brace yourself, then read on.


According to Spoiling Dead Fans, Rick indeed takes a life in the season finale of the show, and it’s someone we’re not going to miss.

"A wild-looking Pete appears wielding Michonne’s katana and shouts “You’re not one of us!” He pushes Reg out the way, slitting his throat by accident. Abe pins Pete down. Deanna hysterically holding a dying Reg says, “Rick, do it.” Without hesitation, Rick executes Pete."

This isn’t a bad thing at all — and for fans who were nervous, it’s not Daryl so that’s good.

Pete isn’t someone we’re really all pulling for, so the fact that he meets his end in the season finale episode is something fans will not shed many tears over.

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