Watch The Trailer For ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ [VIDEO]


Recently, we learned that ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ would be the name for the companion show for The Walking Dead.  While the name didn’t seem to have an extremely positive response from social media, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the recently released trailer for Fear The Walking Dead.

During the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead, a trailer aired for the new AMC show that will begin airing this summer.  The folks over on the AMC YouTube page have shared this video with us and I just can’t stop watching it.

Here is the video in case you missed it:

While the video doesn’t give away much about the characters or story behind the show, we do get a great idea of the setting and the tone of Fear The Walking Dead.  Since it’s so close to the start of the outbreak, we’ll get to see the media react to the outbreak like in the video and see walkers slowly outnumber survivors as time passes.

For more information on Fear The Walking Dead be sure to check on the latest news on the companion show here at Undead Walking.  More news will be breaking soon about the show and we’ll continue to cover Fear The Walking Dead on our site.

So what to you guys think?  Are you excited for Fear The Walking Dead?  Do you think it has the potential to live up to the popularity of the original AMC program?  And how do you think the show will fare without a solid base in the comic book world?  Let us know in the comments below!

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