The Walking Dead: ‘All Life Is Precious’ Or Is It?


**Warning: Season 5 finale spoilers inside**

During the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead, one of the most popular characters on the show gave a statement that felt like common sense at the time, but seems to have been lost along the way.  That statement was as follows:

"“All life is precious”"

That was what Morgan Jones told Daryl and Aaron after he saved them from a trap set by The Wolves.  Morgan has been through a lot since the outbreak.  He’s lost his wife, had his son die, and lost his mind since being introduced during season 1.  However, his need for protection of what is his and love for the human species are what has helped to keep him human during the zombie apocalypse.

To preach that kind of lifestyle to others shows just what kind of man Morgan is.  However, when he arrived at Alexandria, he was treated to something that could take a lot of explaining.

When Morgan entered the gates of Alexandria, one of the first things he saw was his old friend Rick Grimes shooting a human being and killing him.  While the man being killed was an abusive man who had just accidentally killed someone important in Alexandria, Morgan may not agree with what he got as the first impression of Alexandria and might not like what he saw from his “friend” Rick Grimes.

What do you think will happen next with Morgan and Rick on The Walking Dead.  Do you think Morgan’s motto of “All life is precious” is continue to hold true for him, or will he soon fall into line with Rick and the gang and be willing to dispatch of humans who are “bad people”.  Also, what will Deanna think of Morgan?  Let us know in the comments below what you think!

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