What’s After Season 5 For Alexandria On The Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead’s season 5 finale kept fans on the edge of their seat for the entire 90 minutes of the episode.  We some some crazy moments and some that changed the show forever.  But after all that action and excitement that we endured, what’s next?  What’s in store for season 6 of The Walking Dead?

If the comic books are any indicator, it’s just going to keep getting crazier from here.

***WARNING: Comic AND Season 5 Spoilers Below***

If you stayed tuned to the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead through the credits, then you should already have a good idea of what is going on.  Michonne changed her mind about putting her sword on the shelf.  And that could be a good thing, because the folks that were setting the traps near the warehouse where Daryl and Aaron were trapped now know about Alexandria and some of the things it has to offer.

The storyline that happened in the season 5 finale of the AMC’s The Walking Dead was part of Volume 13 of the comics.  According to that, the next thing that will happen is that The Scavengers (Wolves) will make a plan of attack on Alexandria and set a date to execute it.  Meanwhile, Jessie shows a lot of relief that her abusive relationship is over and thanks Rick for doing what he did.  Also, a funeral is held for those who were lost

A gunshot rings out and it’s The Scavengers led by a man named Derek.  They threaten Alexandria, saying that they dangerous and desperate and need to be let in the gates.  Rick denies their request as a sniper from The Scavengers puts his sights on Rick and a red dot appears on his chest.  Andrea (the role Sasha is currently playing) shoots the sniper and Derek.  They get in a big gunfight with Alexandria ultimately becoming the victors.  There is a high cost though, as all the gunfire draws in a massive horde of walkers.

After that, Rick and Douglas (Deanna on the show) talk about the future of Alexandria.  He says that Rick is now the leader of Alexandria and that he can’t keep the community safe the way Rick can.  That changes the power dynamic of Alexandria completely.

That should be what happens in the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead if they continue to follow along with the comics.  And it would be a huge step in moving the storyline of the show toward the introduction of The Saviors and the All Out War, which is what many comic book fans are waiting for.

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