March Madness: The Walking Dead Edition – The Winner!


Fans of The Walking Dead have helped to narrow down the field of competitors for best character ever on the show from a group of 16 all the way down to one.  With there being so many great characters on the show currently and in the past, many of these decisions were extremely difficult and some of the voting came down to just a matter of 5 votes or less.

However, voting has ended on the finals and only one character is left standing.  Let’s take a look at the brackets and see where we currently stand and who the winner of the The Walking Dead’s March Madness tournament is.

As you can see, the winner of the March Madness: The Walking Dead tournament is none other than DARYL DIXON!

There’s no denying that Daryl is the most popular character on The Walking Dead according to fans of the Walking Dead.  He defeated four of the most popular characters in the show’s history to win and did so in commanding fashion.  His redneck charm and kickass skills have endeared him to fans of the hit AMC show in a way that nobody could have imagined when the show first began.

Here is what fans of The Walking Dead have to say about Daryl Dixon on Twitter:

While Daryl was the favorite in this tournament, I never expected him to win so decidedly.  He absolutely crushed everyone in his path on the way to being named the most popular character ever by our readers here at Undead Walking.  I anticipated that he would struggle against huge fan favorites like Carol, Michonne, Rick or Hershel, but instead he dominated the competition and has proved that he’s a vital part of The Walking Dead’s current success.

We at Undead Walking would like to congratulate Norman Reedus (the actor who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead) on having his character win the March Madness: The Walking Dead character tournament.  Next year, look forward to another fun March Madness tournament with a different topic.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote in the poll and let us know who you love on The Walking Dead.  We really appreciate everyone taking the time to interact with us here at Undead Walking and love that this awesome AMC zombie show can bring us all together.

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