The Walking Dead Spoilers: Carol Was Supposed to Die


The Walking Dead aired it’s season finale on Sunday, but a character who played a rather pivotal role in a few scenes wasn’t originally supposed to be alive. 

It has been an emotionally crushing season of The Walking Dead, and now that things are over and we have a chance to catch our breath, we can come to appreciate the character we still have juxtaposed against the ones we lost.

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From the Beth to Tyreese, Bob and Noah, there have been some savage deaths in the series and it’s looking like we could have another bloody season on our hands next year. But one character who played a role in this season and the last one, almost wasn’t even around to have an impact.

As it turns out, Carol was supposed to die in the Season 3 episode in which both T-Dogg and Lori were killed off. It was Carol who was supposed to be killed off, not T-Dogg but the decision to switch their fates was made at the last moment.

It would have been interesting to see what would have happened T-Dogg would have lived and it was Carol who died. It’s clear we would have been given a substantially different show given all that Carol did.

Would we have had the outburst at the prison by Tyreese if Caro hadn’t burned those bodies? What would have happened to Mika and Lizzie if Carol hadn’t been around and more importantly what would have happened to the rest of the survivors. T-Dogg was a great character, but Carol is stronger in so many ways and her survival was something that needed to happen for the greater good of the series.

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