Norman Reedus crashed St. John’s class for April Fool’s (video)


Walking Dead star Norman Reedus crashed a class in St. Johns and was professor for a day as an April Fool’s stunt. 

For April Fools, Norman Reedus crashed in on a class at St. Johns University and became their professor for the day. Reedus surprised the small group as part of Chevrolet’s #BestDayEver campaign.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if a celebrity walked in?” one student said after the professor left the classroom “to take care of something.”

Soon after that, Norman walked on to teach the class. The students asked him about technique and creative endeavors, but of course got to The Walking Dead questions. I would have been grilling him on all those questions to see what he knows about the future of the show.

The fans were not given any spoilers for the upcoming season from Reedus. The actors have been trained to keep that tight lip on any events that they know of that happens on the show. Too bad. I love getting those little tips.

Reedus was asked how he would like to see his character leave the show and he responded similarly to how he responded to Yahoo:

“You know, I don’t want to see him die,” he told the outlet. “If Daryl would ever leave the show, I would want him to just walk off into the distance and have like a little dog or a little wolf puppy who just starts following him up over a hill… It would be like ‘The Legend of Billy Jack’ or something… But I don’t even want that to happen. I really like Daryl.”

That seems like a fun day for the students in that class. It would be great to have a film class and have a star from the one of the top shows around  to come in and help you advance in your career.

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