Walking Dead: Michael Cudlitz doesn’t like the way Abraham dies


Michael Cudlitz would like to see Abraham in the Walking Dead to die in a different manner than the comics.

Michael Cudlitz, the actor that plays Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead, knows that the possibility of his character dying at some point is high. He knows how the Walking Dead universe works, but he is hoping that the death of Abraham will come in a more respectful way in comparison to the comics book death of Abraham

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“I hope he doesn’t die the same way he dies in the comics, because… I don’t think his death was respectful to his life or representative of his life, Cudlitz told Blastr last February.

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In the comics, Abraham is killed by an arrow by a Savior named Dwight. The arrow went through the back of his head while Abraham was talking with Eugene outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Cudlitz would want something a little more respectful for the death of his character. After all that he has gone through, he doesn’t even die in a fight with zombies or with people. He dies as he is talking outside of the walls.

“[For instance], I don’t think Beth’s death was necessarily representative of her life either,” he said. “To sort of accidentally, after all she’s been through, after the whole group had gone to get her, after surviving, to be shot accidentally? Oh my gosh.”

If the show continues to follow the comics closely, than Cudlitz will not be too stoked on the death of Abraham. The show has followed the comics closely in Season 5 and we are not sure if they are going to continue to keep rolling in that manner. We also are not sure if Abraham’s death will be remixed for someone else. What if Daryl took an arrow to the back of the head? Would that be ironic? The world may riot if that were to happen though, so we won’t make that prediction.

Could we see the same death for Abraham? Would that be a terrible way to let the character go in the TV Series?

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