Fear The Walking Dead: They’re Still Not Zombies!


One of the coolest things about The Walking Dead is the variety of names that have been used to describe the zombies. Robert Kirkman talked about this concept once. He let us know that zombies are a new concept to our family.

"“One of the things about this world is that people don’t know how to shoot people in the head at first, and they’re not familiar with zombies, per se,” Kirkman said on “Talking Dead.” “This isn’t a world the (George) Romero movies exist, for instance … because we don’t want to portray it that way, we felt like having them be saying ‘zombie’ all the time would harken back to all of the zombie films which we, in the real world, know about.“So by calling them something different, we’re kind of giving a nod to … these people don’t understand the situation. They’ve never seen this in pop culture, this is a completely new thing for them.”"

Fear The Walking Dead is going to be interesting because we’re going to go back to a time when the new characters that we’ll hopefully grow to love, might not even know about how to kill the zombies.

They might have to deal with the fresh emotions of the permanence of the situation as it becomes real. They might have to learn about the fevers, the reanimation, the noise and light drawing them. They will learn their favorite weapons, if they can kill their own loved ones, how to find food, how to get along with each other and so much more that the zombie apocalypse presents for the survivors. It will be classic dramatic irony: the audience will know so much more than the characters.

What is going to be the most fun for me is to see what name or names they use for the walkers in Los Angeles! We’ve heard walkers, biters, geeks, creepers, rotters, lame-brains, roamers and many more. And it seems that the name that a group or a character uses seems to stick with that person. Noah used rotter quite a bit even after joining our group. Tara used biter after joining The Governor and stuck with that for a while; although she used monster first. Sam called them skin-eaters. And no matter what name someone uses we can figure out what they mean. I wonder if the tight-lipped AMC crew will be able to keep the zombie nomenclature a secret until it comes out of the lips of a character? That would actually be awesome if it didn’t leak!

I hope Fear The Walking Dead is a great show on its own for new viewers and that it’s a wonderful addition for fans of The Walking Dead that already exists. And I hope the new names for zombies are as cool and as simple as walkers!

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