The Walking Dead Season 6: Is This Proof Daryl Will Die?


Norman Reedus has sold his home in Atlanta, where The Walking Dead films, and this is apparently a reason to panic. 

Could The Walking Dead ever kill off Daryl Dixon?

That’s something that has been pondered for months now, and every single hint that he could be killed off is being run with by anyone who thinks it’s actually news. Rumors are fun, we love discussing them endlessly, but some rumors are just better left alone.

Like this one.

According to a report being passed around by Radar Online, Norman Reedus has sold his Atlanta home — which typically means whoever was using it isn’t going to be living there anymore. In this case, the immediate connection of the dots may lead fans to believing Daryl’s time on the series is about to come to an end.

First of all, this isn’t a new story. Reedus put his house up for sale months ago and it was reported on last month before the season finale.

Look, when an athlete puts his house on the market, it’s a big deal. When an actor does it, not so much. Daryl Dixon is a character that Norman Reedus plays, it’s not a character he plays for. Athletes tend to stay loyal to their region because it’s the place of their business and it’s where they work.

Reedus is an actor, who is free to live in one place and take up temporary residence in other places while he works.

The selling of his home is hardly news and it barely means anything for the series other than Reedus is ready to move into something bigger — perhaps like his role on the show.

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