Is This A Hint That Daryl Dixon Dies in The Walking Dead Season Finale?


The Walking Dead fans have clung to Daryl Dixon for years, but there might be a hint that he dies in the season finale — and it’s devastating to imagine. 

The Walking Dead is airing it’s season finale this weekend, but before the episode is over there are fears that the series will be killing off more main characters than we can handle. Already the series has claimed Beth, Tyreese and Noah this season and there are hints that more bloodshed could be on the way.

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Of course, there is no telling what will happen in the season finale of the show but there are hints floating out there that are causing paranoid fans to connect dots that might not be there.

One of those connect-the-dots situations involves Daryl Dixon and his possible death in the season finale of the show. According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Norman Reedus is selling his Georgia home — leading to speculation that he won’t need it because he won’t be working in Georgia anymore.

In case you didn’t know, Georgia is where The Walking Dead is filmed.

This is a giant leap of logic, but it’s also Daryl Dixon we’re talking about. You just don’t mess with Daryl Dixon fans — it’s just not advisable.

If The Walking Dead kills off Daryl, there will be actually blood that runs through the streets and the mob that chased Frankenstein will seem like a pool party compared to what will happen to the writers of the show.

Let’s hope Daryl is moving up in the world, not on from it — for the sake of humanity.

[H/T: HuffPost]

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