Silent Hills featuring Norman Reedus Cancelled

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus won’t be starring in the upcoming video game ‘Silent Hills’ as Konami has cancelled it’s release. 


Norman Reedus’ first major project outside of The Walking Dead carried a mountain of excitement with it. Deservingly. The Silent Hill franchise is no stranger to Hollywood cinema, with two titles at the box office in 2006 (Silent Hill) and 2012 (Silent Hill Revelations 3D). Entertainment stunners like The Last of Us have led top actors to take a heightened stance of software entertainment as a lucrative medium.

The landscape for success was drawn up with Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima, film Director Guillermo del Toro, and lead star power Norman Reedus. An entertainment breakthrough between the videogame and film markets.

In March 2015, reports and rumors alike began to float that Hideo Kojima was leaving the Konami corporation. An organization he’d been apart of since 1986. News surfaced Kojima would depart after the release of this year’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Silent Hills was now in turmoil. Today, one quote by director Guillermo del Toro has brought on dire news. Silent Hills’ rumored demise is now public. It’s true after all.

Playstation 4 owners, if you’d like to try out the teaser demo of Silent Hills… There’s still time to act in a hurry. P.T (Private Teaser) is being yanked off the PSN network on April 29th.

You can still locate the Silent Hills P.T demo at this link for now.

Silent Hills featuring Norman Reedus Teaser Demo to be Removed from PSN after April 29th?

The public learns of Silent Hills’ Official Cancellation. For the first time.

Guillermo Del Toro delivers the news of Silent Hills Cancellation

Norman Reedus’ Silent Hills is Officially Shelved for Now

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