The Walking Dead Season 6: What’s Next For Aaron?


Fans of The Walking Dead haven’t known Aaron too long, but he’s already seemed to become one of the most popular characters on the hit AMC zombie drama.  Maybe it has to do with being teamed up with fan-favorite Daryl Dixon or the fact that he’s got an established romantic relationship in a world full of death and despair.  Whatever it is, Aaron quickly became a big part of the show.

But after Aaron managed to survive The Walking Dead’s fifth season, there are some questions about what his role will be now that he has brought Rick Grimes and the group to Alexandria.  He got the scare of a lifetime in the season 5 finale after a trap by The Wolves took Daryl and Aaron by surprise and put their lives in serious danger.

So, let’s take a look into the comic books and see what could be next for Aaron on The Walking Dead during season 6.

**WARNING: The Walking Dead Comic Spoilers Below**

After the wall of the Alexandria Safe-Zone crumbles and walkers invade the community, Aaron and Eric barricade themselves in their house.  However, they don’t remain in there as when they see other survivors out fighting with the zombies, they both leave their homes and aid in the effort, eventually eliminating the threat.

However, things keep getting worse as Aaron reports to Rick and the rest of Alexandria that the area surrounding the community has been picked clean for supplies and the group would have to venture out further in their searches.  This results in the groups for supply runs getting bigger and going out farther on their runs.

And seriously, that’s about it for Aaron in the next couple books (No Way Out and We Find Ourselves).  Although Aaron continues to prove to be a reliable member of the community and one that is willing to fight for Alexandria, he doesn’t take on a huge role in the comics.

However, I feel that will change in the TV show, as Aaron is quite different on AMC’s The Walking Dead than he is in the comics.  First, I see Aaron and Daryl stopping recruiting runs after the run in with The Wolves.  However, they could join in the big group for the supply runs when Alexandria has to venture out a longer distance from the walled community.

The focus of Aaron during season 6 of The Walking Dead should instead be on his relationship with Eric, with him trying to convince Aaron to stay in Alexandria where it is safer than going out among the zombies.  Otherwise, he’s going to continue to put himself in situations where it endangers his relationship.

What do you guys think?  What would you like to see happen with Aaron during season 6 of The Walking Dead?  Let us know in the comments below.

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