Are Two Major The Walking Dead Characters On The Chopping Block?


The Walking Dead is one of those shows that can surprise you around every corner.  Last season, we saw some deaths that both shocked and amazed viewers of the popular AMC zombie drama to the point where petitions and threats of stopping watching the show started happening.

Sadly, this is common on The Walking Dead.  They have to continue to push the envelope while pulling at heart-strings in order to keep the show as interesting as they have in the past.  Because of this, we know there will be more moments like the midseason finale and the events at Shirewilt that made us so upset during season 5.

The folks over at The Latino Post are speculating that two characters that haven’t been talked about quite a bit are likely on the chopping block.  In fact, their reasoning for believing this is fairly solid, but I don’t really want to believe it because they are two of my personal favorites on The Walking Dead.

They state that the friendship between Tara and Eugene has been established to be very strong, and that should really worry people.  Having him save her from the walker infested building after she was knocked out cold by an explosion showed how much he really cares about her.  And her kindness to him on the road to Washington was something that no other character on The Walking Dead expressed.

It’s that kind of bond that is great television to tear apart.  While Eugene has plenty of functions well past this point in The Walking Dead’s comic book series, Tara is instead a character that isn’t found in the graphic novels.  Instead, she’s part of the series of books based on the rise and fall of The Governor.  Because of this, her character is expendable in ways that others aren’t.

I don’t want to lose Tara from The Walking Dead just because she’s one of my favorites on the program.  And Eugene’s awkwardness is something that I’ve really grown accustomed to watching.  Hopefully, The Latino Post are wrong about this and these two characters will live long, healthy lives on the show.  Then again, it is The Walking Dead, so you never really do know.

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