"Little girl. I'm a policeman. Don't be afraid. Okay. Little girl.&quo..."/> "Little girl. I'm a policeman. Don't be afraid. Okay. Little girl.&quo..."/>

Fear The Walking Dead: What will the First Words Be?


“Little girl. I’m a policeman. Don’t be afraid. Okay. Little girl.”

The first words on The Walking Dead.   The first scene of the wildly popular show we’ve grown to love and watch and re watch. Tweet about. Make puzzles and trivia questions about. Buy the action figures. Dress up like the characters. Talk about on Facebook.  Whine about and mourn during the off-season. Post memes and jokes about. The Walking Dead is one of those cult shows that has a fandom. A Walking Dead Family.

The first scene of The Walking Dead included overturned and abandoned cars, a gasoline can, a sheriff’s uniform, a makeshift camp, tents, toys, garbage, dead with flies around them. A gas station, lots of silence, crickets, and the main character in a shocking and emotional scene with the little bunny slipper girl.  The look on Rick Grimes’ face that let us know this poor little girl was not a little girl at all as Rick was calling her. The shot in the head putting her down telling us that she was dangerous and that this show was going to be fearless.

I can’t wait to see what the “little girl” scene for Fear The Walking Dead is going to be! It is going to have a lot of pressure on it. It will need to draw in a brand new audience of those people who never tried The Walking Dead and have now decided to try the new show. And it will have to keep the goosebumps and excitement already flowing through current Walking Dead fans.

Of course, the first scene isn’t the only thing that will make or break the show. The Walking Dead is also brilliant at slow build and introducing characters and scenarios in subtle and succinct ways. In the first episode of the original series, we only really meet Morgan, Rick, Duane and Shane along with the characters of the city of Atlanta, the apocalypse and the walker.  And bunny slipper girl wasn’t even a part of the plot. (Although if you know me, I have lots of thoughts about her and Sophia!)

I can’t wait for all the new things Fear the Walking Dead will bring: new characters,  new locations, new villains, new music. And all the familiar things: walkers, fear, running, family building, death, kills, guts, evolution. But it will all start with something, an image, a person, maybe some walkers and some words. What will those words be?

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