The Walking Dead Season 6 Rumor: Fan Favorite To Die?


Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about the filming of season 6 of The Walking Dead. Details of the filming have been making many fans of the hit AMC show curious as to what Robert Kirkman and the rest of the cast and crew have in store for fans.

However, when fans don’t hear news about their favorite stars, they begin to worry.  With news of lots of action going on around the Alexandria Safe-Zone during filming of The Walking Dead, one name has been mysteriously missing from the conversations.


The folks over at one of our favorite sites, Inquisitr, have been wondering about what is going on with a cast member from The Walking Dead that many fans seem to really love.  Absent from many of the discussions during filming has been Michonne.  Other characters have been confirmed on the set recently.  Rick, Daryl, Carl, Carol, Abraham and others have all been seen and documented to be alive and kicking, but the lack of Michonne on set has some media outlets worried, especially Cinema Blend.

In fact, Cinema Blend and Inquisitr have gone far enough to speculate that Michonne will meet her end during The Walking Dead season 6 based on the filming details.  But there is the possibility that she is just at another location or is remaining inside Alexandria during the current events that are being filmed.

Here is what Inquisitr had to say about the lack of Michonne:

"“But given that The Walking Dead is already filming an attack on Alexandria, with bystanders reporting gunshots and explosions, could it be that one of The Walking Dead‘s favorite characters has already been killed off by the writers in Season 6? The strong and silent Michonne was coming out of her shell over the last half of the season and expressing her desire to grow roots and to do more than just “survive.” As any fan of The Walking Dead can attest, developing any kind of moral compass does not bode well for your character on the show.”"

I think it’s far too early to assume that Michonne will die during season 6.  She’s a really popular character that would create a lot of uproar if she were to be written off the show.  Personally, I believe she’s just off on a scouting mission or taking care of something inside the walls.

It is possible that she’s gone though.  And that would make me very sad.  I’m pretty sure it would also make many fans of The Walking Dead very upset.

**UPDATE 5/27/15**  This rumor has since been proven false.

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