Walking Dead: Josh McDermott seen on set


Walking Dead Actor Josh McDermitt was seen on the set today. We now question if his character has died or not. 

There had been some question marks as to where Walking Dead star Josh McDermitt had been. Ever since Michael Cudlitz sent out that tweet to McDermitt, we all were wondering if we had lost Eugene. We were wondering if Eugene was the latest victim on the show.

The latest news on the set from the Spoiling Dead, says that there has been a McDermitt sighting. McDermitt was on the set and left with different clothes than he came in with. What does that even mean?

Here is the report from the  Spoiling Dead Fans:

"Josh McDermitt was seen a short time ago leaving base camp in street clothes, but not the same clothes he arrived in. Also seen at base camp were Danai/Michonne, Melissa/Carol (with grease make up on), Andy/Rick, LENNIE/MORGAN, and Chandler/Carl. They were all in wardrobe. ~ShinyFirefly"

Does this mean that McDermitt filmed his last scene with the crew or does this mean that he is alive? This show just needs to get back rolling so that we can figure this all out. We have to assume that he is alive since he was on the set. We will see if he is seen back in the next few days.  They really have us guessing now.

Is Eugene alive and just was not part of the show for the first few episodes? Some characters tend to disappear from time to time. Since Eugene is still alive in the comics, we are going to assume that he is still alive and rolling.

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