If We Used Current Slang to Talk The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead rarely makes reference to anything in our current culture. It is set in the world we know. We are familiar with the geography, but they don’t use the word zombie and other than Tom Sawyer and Portal, I can’t think of much pop culture reference. Just for fun I am going to consider some potential use of slang expressions in the apocalypse.  Let’s have some fun! YOLO!

  • Turn up! It’s karaoke night in Alexandria! Turn up!
  • On fleek. That walker’s teeth are on fleek. Rick’s beard was on fleek. Eugene’s mullet is on fleek. Abraham’s  and Axel’s mustaches are on fleek.
  • On point. Rosita’s hoops and hot pants are on point.
  • The struggle is real. When Carl almost ate dog food. The struggle is real. When Daryl splattered walker guts all over Beth’s new white cardigan. The struggle is real.
  • I can’t even. When Carol does anything! I can’t even. When Jessie offers to cut Rick’s hair. I can’t even.
  • Bye, Felicia. When Jessie does anything. Bye, Felicia.
  • Bae. Daryl’s my bae. Insert name here.
  • Rachet. Those walkers were totally rachet. ~Carl.
  • Cray cray. Morgan was totally cray cray. Lizzie was completely  cray cray.
  • Shade. Merle thinks he was a clever shade thrower.
  • Omg! Omg! More walkers!
  • Hashtag. Hashtag yolo.

Daryl: Hashtag Omg. Another herd of rachet walkers. I cant even. This is cray cray. Turn up! My triple kill with the chain was on point! I was like, “Bye, Felicia!” Hashtag the struggle is real! But my greasy bangs are still on fleek! And I’m bae!

What are some other slang expressions that would be funny to hear our survivors use? Of course Abraham has his own creative slang language as does Merle. Each of theirs might be an interesting melange with urban slang.  Help me out with some Walking Dead pop culture slang in the comments!



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