Steven Yeun Explains Difference Between Glenn And Tyreese

Tyreese and Glenn both share some similar character attributes yet Tyreese is the one that is called out as perhaps not cut out for this world. Too sensitive. And the one I truly don’t understand-a wimp. I was reading an article in Variety this morning and Steven Yeun hit on something on hadn’t thought of before. Hope. Tyreese didn’t have hope.

Glenn embodies hope throughout. I don’t know if Tyreese necessarily embodied hope. He embodied humanity and compassion. But I don’t know if he had hope in the idea of a future. Maybe his relationship as a caretaker for Judith gave him the amount he needed, but if you look at Glenn he has Maggie. He has someone to live for and a future to build. Tyreese lost that. He had that with Karen and lost it. Glenn has that with Maggie and on top of that he found a place where it could happen. A place where they could survive and have a family, and I think that’s Glenn’s goal at the end of the day.

Karen_and_Tyreese_4x01Tyreese even lost hope for his sister after the slaughter in the church. He was even losing hope for humanity itself with witnessing Lizzie kill her sister, cannibals feasting on Bob and Beth being senselessly lost in front of him. The Governor. Dawn. Gareth. Even Carol. He could forgive Carol because as he told Ghost Governor, “it’s not over” and she needed to survive and help the group survive. But that wasn’t enough to give him hope for a better world and a better life that he could imagine himself in.

Thank you Steven for helping me understand Tyreese a little better. For seeing where his sadness was born. Tyreese was a sensitive and compassionate soul. His strength was drained by his humanity and he had none left to give to any hope that might have replenished it. Wimp needs to be extracated from any description of Tyreese.

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