Walking Dead Spoilers: Details on intense scene filmed with Abraham


The Walking Dead is in the middle of filming for Season 6 and there have been details from the Spoiling Dead of a pretty intense scene that involves Abraham. There were a lot of notes from the Spoiling Dead, but we will try to summarize what happened in the scene.

Earlier in the week, there was a shot taken that showed a truck that was hanging off the edge of a bridge. The details of the scene involve Abraham and a walkers that is dangling from the bridge that has an RPG on his back. Apparently, Abraham comes upon the scene and finds a walker/man in a suit and he also comes upon this walker and truck that is hanging off of the edge.

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The man/walker in the suit was thrown off of the bridge and then Abraham looked to get the RPG from the walker that was dangling from the bridge. The walker was looking to attack and bite Abraham as he was making an attempt to pull the RPG away and there were many close calls.

At one point, Abraham has a sudden scream and then falls back and collapses with his hands and arms landing dangerously close to the walker. We don’t know the extent of an injury that has happened to Abraham at this point, but if there is a big dinner set for the rest of the cast, then we may have to consider the possible death of a popular character.

If you want to see all the notes from the Spoiling Dead, you can check them out below:

"We have some more details about Friday’s filming on the 6th St. Bridge. Thanks to Dylan for the pics and Golan the Insatiable for all the great deets!-Abraham comes up on the scene of a black Dodge 4×4 having crashed through the fence, carrying a portion of it lodged into the truck’s front fender, and a tan, flat-bed military vehicle.– There is a walker in camo clothing hanging from the fence edge, impaled by one of the poles. He is hanging in mid-air off of the bridge. The fence is about five feet off of the bridge but is being held in place by the impact of the truck. There are dead bodies all around the ground just off of the bridge. All in camo clothing similar to this walker.– Abraham notices the walker impaled on the pole has an RPG on its back. Score!– There is a man in a suit that looks disheveled. There appears to be some debate as to whether or not “Suit Man” is actually a walker, or if he is still living. We are not exactly sure where Suit Man comes into play. It appears that he gets his ass kicked and thrown off the bridge. We know there was a dummy of the suit man thrown off the bridge. They also did a take where the suit man stuntman plunged onto an airbag.– Abraham attempts to climb onto the fence that is hanging off of the bridge to try to pull the RPG off of the back of the walker. He fights the walker, using his right arm to push the head and torso away from him. The walker is violent, swinging back and forth, causing the fence to shake and bend. There is a struggle and suddenly Abraham screams, scrambles back several inches and collapses, his hands and arms landing dangerously close to the walker who is still attempting to attack and bite anything within reach. It’s possible that he could have gotten injured at this point, but it most likely is an injury caused by the mangled fence.– Abraham is pulled backwards by someone from off-camera. The walker goes down by what is believed to be a headshot. They filmed 3 takes of the rocket launcher walker standing on the scaffolding then suddenly he would collapse as if shot in the head. We are unsure who exactly the rescuer was. This person was not seen. We do know Sasha was on set that day, so she would be a logical guess.– There was a little bit of weirdness happening with Michael on this day as well. He received some Secret Service treatment and was escorted around by crew members with multiple umbrellas. They also draped a bathrobe over him before he went back to basecamp as seen in these pictures.-Ninja Pancake"

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