Chris Hardwick On Walking Dead Spoilers And Emmys Noms


Chris Hardwick is the host of AMC’s Talking Dead.  It’s a show that immediately follows The Walking Dead and discusses the events of that week’s episode and gives a tiny glimpse into what the next episode has in store.  In the past, he’s also hosted events like the “Dead, White and Blue” marathon that is strangely absent this year.  Still, Hardwick has become a part of The Walking Dead without even appearing in or working on a single episode of the program.

In a recent video on, Hardwick showed some of his outside-the-box thinking that has helped endear him to the world of The Walking Dead:

"“I can’t figure out, as Wolverine, would your healing powers cure you of whatever the virus is or would you just be an unbeatable zombie?” Hardwick debated, concluding “I feel like Wolverine would just be the best because the claws… He has six Michonnes at his side.”"

Well, six depending on which version of Wolverine we’re talking about…but that’s beside the point.  Still, it’s fun to think of “what if” scenarios like that.  Personally, I think Ant-Man would be a lot of fun as a zombie.  You could kill your prey, then shrink down and have enough food to last you for months, maybe even years.

One game that Chris Hardwick doesn’t seem to want to play is “the spoiler game”.  While he’s well connected with everything in The Walking Dead’s universe, he says he has no knowledge of what will happen on AMC’s zombie survival drama.

"“I won’t let them tell me!” Hardwick claims. “First of all, my show is live. So, if I know what’s coming up… And I read the comics, too, and sometimes, the universes… You’re like, ‘Wait, did that? Did they?’ So, if I blurt something out by accident people are going to be very upset and I’ll lose my job! But also, I think it’s nice that when I say, ‘I don’t know what’s coming up,’ I really don’t know what’s coming up.”"

Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead - AMC
Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead – AMC /

For some reason, I have trouble believing him.  When you’re that close to the material and have so many friends and acquaintances close to the project, it would be very difficult to avoid talking about major things happening on The Walking Dead.  However, maybe his love for the show stops just before wanting to read or be told about spoilers.

Not only does Chris Hardwick love The Walking Dead and seemingly everything in its universe, but he sees a major problem if one particular actress isn’t recognized for her performance on the show at a major award ceremony.

"“If she doesn’t get nominated for an Emmy, there is no justice in this entertainment universe,” Hardwick says."

You can catch Chris Hardwick on his Nerdist podcast, the comedy and social media show @midnight, and, of course, as the host of Talking Dead, which is set to return to AMC this fall.

For those interested, here is the full version of the Chris Hardwick interview from the YouTube page:

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