‘Hats off’ to Monty Simons, The Walking Dead Stunt Coordinator

Photo Credit: Tracey Phillipps 2015
Photo Credit: Tracey Phillipps 2015 /

Monty Simons of Stunts Unlimited and The Walking Dead stunt coordinator took the time to make two girls’ visit to the little town of Hampton, GA extra special and memorable. One girl is mom and the other is her precious girl with cerebral palsy. I happen to be that mom and the daughter is my Kasey.

The two of us ventured down to the small, quaint town of Hampton, GA in hopes of catching a glimpse of cameras, lighting equipment, and the general buzz that goes along with filming the show. I was not there as a blogger, but simply there as a fan. We were not interested in spoilers or interfering in any way. We simply wanted to “be” there and experience the amazing high energy of the #TWDFamily in action. And let me tell you, they work SO hard!

While scoping out a spot for lunch, we happened upon a familiar face walking in the same direction — it was stunt coordinator Monty Simons! We politely asked if a photo might be possible and told him how much our family enjoys the “Making of . . .” behind the scenes videos in which he is frequently featured. He generously obliged and we were thrilled! We parted ways and scoped out lunch locations.

We found a lunch spot and were ready to order when Monty walked through the restaurant door announcing that he’d been looking all over for us. For us?? Yes, indeed! He was bringing Kasey her very own The Walking Dead Season 6 Stunts Unlimited hat! He autographed it for her as well. We showed him her speech generating device, which she used to tell him “thank you”.

He also gave us some cool stickers and we put one on our car. He thanked us for supporting the show! It was back to work for Monty and back to lunch for us. We stayed all day enjoying the beautiful weather and all of the day’s activities. Every once in a while, we caught a glimpse of our new friend on set and knew that he saw us watching.

We hear stories all the time about the unique family nature of The Walking Dead’s cast and crew. We experienced that this week with Monty. The Walking Dead appeals to such a broad, diverse demographic across age and gender. It also touches fans of all ranges of physical abilities as well. Kasey may never have the physical ability to master the amazing stunts that Monty orchestrates, but he valued her just the same and made us both feel so special. You should have seen the smile on her face when she returned home and showed her dad and brother her cool new hat!

Thank you, Monty!

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