New Fear The Walking Dead Trailer Warns You Not To Get Infected (Video)

Fear The Walking Dead - Credit: AMC
Fear The Walking Dead - Credit: AMC /

A new clip for Fear The Walking Dead warns about a looming infection that  Madison believes is nothing a flu shot can’t handle. 

Fans of The Walking Dead know that the series doesn’t allow us to have nice things and mocks our love for characters by killing them off in brutal fashion.

That’s something Robert Kirkman is already doing before Fear The Walking Dead has even premiered. In a new trailer for the upcoming series, we hear a character we don’t yet know but somehow already care about brush off the notion that an infection is coming — an inside jab that fans of the series immediately get and instantly begin screaming at their television screens about.

The new trailer, which is really more like a clip from the series, features Madison being told that there is a sickness spreading and she’d better get a shot to make sure she doesn’t get sick.

As she ominously points out, she should be fine because she got her flu shot.

We don’t know what will happen to the cast of Fear The Walking Dead, as the show is a prequel to the main series and will at some point begin to run concurrently with events we saw in The Walking Dead. The question fans have is when the shows line up, who will still be standing.

Thanks to the fact that the two shows don’t lead into one another, there’s no need to believe that everyone on Fear The Walking Dead is doomed — at least, outside of the gloominess that awaits them. With prequels  like The Hobbit or Star Wars, we know that certain characters who aren’t in the original trilogies are going to die or disappear at some point.

Not this show though.

That’s not to say people won’t die or main characters won’t be killed off. But we’re starting to see that Fear The Walking Dead is going to be an entity in of itself