Fear The Walking Dead Will Focus On Drama And Emotions

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Fear The Walking Dead will be making its debut next month on AMC and fans aren’t really sure what to expect just yet.  We know that the show will be based closer to the initial stages of the outbreak, so zombies should be much more rare to come across.  Because of that, the focus of the series will have to begin with establishing connections to the characters and relationships between them until the undead become a bigger focus.

A recent behind the scenes video from the filming of Fear The Walking Dead featured several members of the program’s cast and crew talking about their expectations and opportunities about starting a new story set in the universe of The Walking Dead.

"“It is a family drama first and foremost, which I think evolves into a genre piece.” executive producer Dave Erickson said. “And it’s also an opportunity to introduce the new world we’re going to inhabit.”"

Fear The Walking Dead - AMC (YouTube)
Fear The Walking Dead – AMC (YouTube) /

And while Dave Erickson is focusing on the family drama, executive producer Robert Kirkman is instead looking forward to watching all the pieces of humanity being stripped from the survivors as the world around them slowly crumbles.

"“Having society stripped from these people in real-time is going to make this show more emotional, so that’s something that I’m really excited about,” Robert Kirkman said."

Personally, I’m really interested in watching these characters make changes from their normal, everyday lives as the infection becomes more well-known and the danger continues to grow.  For that to be must-watch television, we will need to become engulfed in the characters and build a strong concern for what is in store for them next.

For the full video of the behind-the-scenes interviews, check out the official YouTube account of AMC or watch the video below:

Also, watch for Fear The Walking Dead to premiere on AMC in August.  Stay tuned to Undead Walking for more details about the show as they become available.

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