Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Skate Park’ And ‘Neighborhood’

Fear The Walking Dead promo from San Diego Comic Con
Fear The Walking Dead promo from San Diego Comic Con /

As a part of The Walking Dead’s appearance at Wizard World’s 2015 Comic Con International in San Diego, California, Fear The Walking Dead was given two new trailers that were released yesterday.  Both of them are less than 30 seconds long, but offer an interesting look into what the AMC series could be.

The first teaser video is titled “Skate Park”.  Here is the video from the official AMC YouTube account:

In this teaser, some kids are seen playing at a skate park.  Everyone is socializing and having fun skating, but not everything is as it seems.  Some ominous music quietly begins to play and the tattered leg and shoes of what appears to be a walker appear on the screen before the Fear The Walking Dead logo appears on the screen.

The second teaser is titled “Neighborhood”.  It is also from the official AMC YouTube page:

In this video, a busy street is featured.  There’s a woman pushing a baby stroller and some other people walking down the street.  The focus shifts to a van with a brown-haired woman getting what seems to be groceries and other items out of the back and side of the vehicle.  As the woman closes the side door of the van, the reflection of a walker can be seen approaching the woman without her knowing.

The two teasers will have to hold us over until Friday’s Fear The Walking Dead panel at Comic Con, when it is expected that the first full length trailer for the premiere season of the show will air.  In addition, fans are hopeful that an actual date for the season one premiere will be announced.

As far as we know, Fear The Walking Dead will debut on AMC in August.  Stay tuned to Undead Walking for more information on the upcoming program.

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