Fear The Walking Dead Is ‘The Shark You Don’t See’


In addition to a release date and an official trailer, fans looking forward to Fear The Walking Dead, we also got quite a bit of information about the upcoming companion show that will air on AMC.

Fear Thea Walking Dead - Credit: AMC
Fear Thea Walking Dead – Credit: AMC /

One of those very interesting pieces of information is just how long it will take before everything is overrun with the undead and the entire world falls apart around them.  That is exactly what we have been experiencing on The Walking Dead for a long time now, and since the shows are set in the same universe, but with Fear The Walking Dead set earlier in the timeline, we know that the show will eventually get to that point.  But now we know just when everything will fall apart for the survivors.

The show’s executive producer Dave Erickson had this to say about Fear The Walking Dead during the Comic-Con panel according to a live-blog on The Nerdist’s website:

"“It’s the shark you don’t see. We don’t get to a full apocalypse until the end of the season. Start as a family drama and filter the apocalypse through that.”"

So, as anticipated, the beginning of the season will be much more focused on the characters and their situations.  Zombies will likely be sprinkled in, with their appearances getting more and more common as the show goes on.  However, it is interesting that Erickson says that we’ll see the “full apocalypse” during the first season of Fear The Walking Dead, as I was hoping that we’d get a bit more drawn out beginning to the end of the world.

What do you guys think?  Are you patient enough to sit through a season of the apocalypse building?  Or would you like to just jump right into hordes of the undead?  Or, like me, do you wish they would have taken a bit longer of a build to all hell breaking loose?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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