New Trailer Released For ‘Air’ Starring Norman Reedus

The title card for 'Air' featuring Norman Reedus - Skybound
The title card for 'Air' featuring Norman Reedus - Skybound /

Much of today’s focus of Wizard World’s 2015 Comic Con International from San Diego, California has been placed on both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.  However, today we also got a trailer for the upcoming film Air from Skybound, which features The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.

Air is scheduled to hit theaters on August 14th.  That means that Comic-Con was a great opportunity for Skybound to make some noise about the film and hopefully drum up some more interest in the movie.  The trailer for the film looks entertaining, but you can be the judge of that.

Here is the trailer for Air from the New Trailers Buzz YouTube account:

As you can see from the trailer, there are underground shelters where important people are being held.  Bauer (played by Norman Reedus) helps to wake up a gentleman played by Dijmon Hounsou who has been in a state of hibernation for 6 months.  There is a large machine that measures the toxicity of the air outside, and it shows that the levels are currently not safe for human beings.

'Air' featuring Norman Reedus - Skybound
‘Air’ featuring Norman Reedus – Skybound /

There are other facilities like the one that these two characters are held in, and they check-in electronically.  It is then discovered that their jobs are to keep the other survivors, which are currently hibernating, alive, as they represent what is left of human kind.

However, a fire and loss of system functions change plans for the survivors quickly.  They make plans to get spare parts from another facility through a ventilation system.  However, they could also take one of the “important” survivors out of their capsules and put themselves inside in hopes of a future rescue.

Venturing outside the safe haven shows skeletons and debris everywhere.  Things get even more intense when it appears as though a struggle between the two awake survivors emerges and a showdown commences.

Air is currently scheduled to premiere on August 14th.  Watch for it at a theater near you!  Also, Norman Reedus returns in The Walking Dead season 6 when it returns on October 11, 2015.

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