Poll: Favorite things about The Walking Dead S6 trailer

Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/ AMC
Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/ AMC /

How many times have you watched The Walking Dead season 6 trailer? I have watched, re-watched, paused, dissected, and analyzed it. And I’m sure I’ll keep doing more of the same.

There were definitely many scenes that were extremely stressful.

Daryl being held prisoner

Jessie and Sam hiding in the closet

Hordes and more hordes of walkers

Rick shouting “We’re doing this now!”

That poor female getting devoured by walkers — she looks so much like Maggie!!

Photo Credit: The Walking Dead season 6 trailer/AMC
Photo Credit: The Walking Dead season 6 trailer/AMC /

Other scenes raised questions.

  • Who’s talking to whom?
  • Is there more than one group threatening the survivors?
  • Who is calling for help?

Some parts were especially intriguing:

  • New characters appearing on screen
  • Seeing Morgan take on a role in the community of Alexandria
  • A rare sighting of Daryl indoors (still doesn’t look like he’s showering regularly, though!)

It was definitely good to lay eyes on all of our survivors (but will they all be around for long?) And I always enjoy hearing Rick refer to himself more like “may” than “me”; that pronunciation usually means something big is about to go down!

There is always so much information to absorb (and mislead us!) in the trailer. Scott Gimple even talked about the use of misdirection in The Walking Dead Comic Con panel. Check out highlights from that panel here. I guess we will know more for sure starting in October.

Overall, what were your favorite things about the trailer? Please tell us by voting in the poll below; you can select up to 3 choices for a single vote. And be sure to share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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