The Walking Dead Marathon: 5 Sundays/5 seasons


With Netflix, Amazon Instant and DVDs, why is a marathon such big news? The missing Dead, White and Blue Marathon this 4th of July evoked tons of sad-faced, teary emoji tweets to AMC and even our Undead Walking Twitter account!  Well, it’s not the commercials we miss.

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We miss watching the same show at the same time as everyone else. Ironically, social media has brought back the fun of that. We tweet as we watch. With the marathons, it’s even more fun because as The Walking Dead fans we’ve seen these episodes so many times that the Tweeting becomes a blast.

We get to post memes and make wise cracks and make new friends by following the marathon hashtag and starring the hilarious jokes or even the insightful comments.

For those not on Twitter, I imagine just knowing it’s on has that certain draw. It’s different from deciding to put in the DVD. It’s on. It pulls you in.

Well, get ready to be pulled in starting July 26th and each Sunday after until August 23rd. Watch an entire season on each of those 5 Sundays. Click here for the time schedule from AMC! Be sure you are really ready for August 23rd. That’s a biggie! After the marathon is the Talking Dead: Season 6 Preview Special at 8 pm. followed by the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead at 9 pm.

Check out the Ultimate Walking Dead Planner for more information to get you through walker withdrawals!

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