The Walking Dead: Is the season 6 trailer lying to us?

Comic-Con promotional art for season 6, The Walking Dead - AMC
Comic-Con promotional art for season 6, The Walking Dead - AMC /

Fans of The Walking Dead already know that the people who put together the promotional material for the show are geniuses.  Not only can they put together great teasers and posters, but they can do so in a way that keeps fans on the edge of their seats without giving away too much.

What The Walking Dead does give away isn’t always the truth, either.  Remember back to last year’s Comic Con when a trailer was released for the show’s 5th season?  Many of the things that were hinted at or were shown was edited in a way that either bent the truth or led us to believe something that wasn’t true.

Here is the The Walking Dead season 5 Comic-Con trailer from the FilmBookdotTV YouTube account:

The trailer started off giving us something familiar.  They showed exactly the point where season 4 left off to give us some context of the story.  Then, they gave us action scenes with a voice-over by Gareth, the leader of Terminus.  However, the words that Gareth were saying along with the context from the video gave off some very misleading intentions.

Judging by the video, fans were led to believe that Gareth would be joining the survivors on the trek to Washington, D.C. to find a cure for the outbreak.  In fact, the video is edited to even show a discussion happening in the church that makes it look as though they are friendly at this point.

It was also edited to make it appear as though when Rick was delivering the “I don’t trust this guy” line that he was talking about Gareth, and not Father Gabriel.  The editing also made it appear as though the group that left for Washington D.C. did so against the wishes of the rest of the group, piecing it together with the Sasha discussion about three missing survivors (which we now know she was talking about Beth, Daryl, and Carol).

Now, we have the The Walking Dead’s trailer for season 6 that has been released.  Some of the things that happen in the trailer seem very misleading to fans of the comic books, who already have a good idea of what is next for the people of Alexandria.

Here is the official season 6 trailer from Comic Con that is hosted on the AMC YouTube page:

First off, the trailer does exactly what it did last year.  It opened with Rick walking down the road, but quickly went to the scene where he was executing Pete after the death of Reg with Morgan witnessing the kill.  After that, things get a bit…fuzzy.

While the video shows things like Enid at the gates of the community and the map that Morgan found at Father Gabriel’s church, the voice over once again leads us to believe some things.  For example, it appears as though Morgan has been given a big role of power in the community and that he and Rick are clashing.  Then, it shows Rick delivering a speech that several people (including Nicholas) are failing to get behind leading to a showdown happens between Daryl and Rick in the streets of Alexandria as well as Jessie rallying against the authority in the town.

In the The Walking Dead’s comics, Douglas Monroe passes the power in Alexandria over to Rick Grimes following the death of his wife, Regina.  And while there is a conflict between Rick and Morgan, it never reaches the levels that the trailer leads us to believe.  There is an uprising against Rick, but it is more of a grass-roots effort led by Nicholas.

While AMC doesn’t always follow what happens in the comics, it’s hard to believe that a major story line like this would be overlooked or altered so majorly.  In addition, we also don’t know what else in the video is taken out of context, either with the order of the images or the voice-overs that happen at the time.

We won’t know for sure until we get to see The Walking Dead on AMC when it returns on October 11th at 9 pm eastern, but it’s always fun to try to figure out what we can from these carefully put together trailers and videos.  Without a doubt, some parts of this trailer will be a lie.  Some will not.  Because of that, it makes the season 6 premiere even more exciting.

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