The Walking Dead: Major Dodson, major heart

Photo Credit: The Walking Dead season 6 trailer/AMC
Photo Credit: The Walking Dead season 6 trailer/AMC /

I’ve been intrigued by the introduction of Sam on The Walking Dead. He is the youngest son of Jessie (and the not so dearly departed Pete). Sam’s older brother is Ron, of whom we may be seeing more if the recent trailer is any indication. And, of course, Sam is pals with Carol even after she tried to scare him with her threatening horror stories. I like the way the writers showed that children can often see through an adult’s facade and sense their true self. I believe he sensed that Carol could be trusted, someone who will ultimately be a friend and source of protection. I’m sure you recall how he saddled up next to Carol during the big throw down between Rick and Pete. Yes, I’m growing fond of that Sam character!

But even more so, I’m impressed with the young man who plays Sam, Major Dodson. He is both polite and sharp-witted on Twitter. And now we learn of his charitable heart in a recent article by KD Delgado, Editor of Impact One Impact All online magazine. Check out the article to learn more about how Major and his family are growing a project called “Smiles for the Homeless with Major Dodson” that provides much needed supplies to the homeless.

Major joins a long line of The Walking Dead cast members past and present that support charitable endeavors. Here are just a few:

Keep up the good work, Major — on and off screen!

And we hope Sam has a long future ahead of him on The Walking Dead.

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