The Walking Dead: crew nominated for 4 technical Emmys


When the nominees for the 2015 Emmy Awards were initially announced today, it appeared as though AMC’s The Walking Dead would be left unrecognized by the prestigious program.  However, when the technical awards were announced later on The Walking Dead was included in 4 categories.

While it’s disappointing that the cast of this fantastic zombie survival drama wasn’t recognized for the hard work that they do, it is great that the behind-the-scenes efforts of those who help bring the show to life were nominated.

Here are the four categories that The Walking Dead has a chance at winning at the 2015 Emmy Awards:

Greg Nicotero - Special effects and director of The Walking Dead - AMC
Greg Nicotero – Special effects and director of The Walking Dead – AMC /





This information was passed on to fans of The Walking Dead through the show’s executive producer Gale Anne Hurd on Twitter.  Here is her tweet:

So, it appears as though fans of The Walking Dead will still have some kind of reason to pay attention to the 2015 Emmy Awards.  Despite the cast getting snubbed, it’s great that the crew will have an opportunity to represent one of the most popular shows on television.

We at Undead Walking would like to congratulate The Walking Dead on their four nominations and wish them the best of luck in bringing home an award.  However, knowing the history that the Emmys and The Walking Dead have, I’m not holding my breath for any wins other than “Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup”, which should be a slam dunk for the show.

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