The Walking Dead season 6: Morgan’s internal and external battles


With The Walking Dead’s sixth season inching closer every day, more and more questions are coming up.  And while we aren’t getting many answers to these questions, it’s always fun to think about the situation that some of the characters are in.  For season 6, one of the most interesting character dilemmas will take place with the now non-violent Morgan reaching Alexandria.

Comic-Con promotional art for season 6, The Walking Dead - AMC
Comic-Con promotional art for season 6, The Walking Dead – AMC /

The first thing Morgan sees as he walks through the gates is Rick Grimes executing Pete.  From there, we have no clue how he will react to the situation and what impression that will give him of live in Alexandria compared to how he was living before.

In an article on the E! Online website, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd shared the same question about how Morgan will integrate with Rick and Deanna’s survivors on The Walking Dead:

"“You’ve got Morgan showing up, that’s going to chance the dynamic. It’s still dealing with the integration…can these two groups really find commonality and what happens when Morgan is thrown into the occasion, who has seemingly renounced violence except to protect himself?”"

Luckily, we got an answer (of sorts) to this question.  Lennie James, the actor who plays Morgan on The Walking Dead, spoke with Zap2It about what Morgan’s mindset will be like now that he’s reunited with Rick Grimes.

"“Morgan is going to have to battle to see whether or not he can stick to that mantra, [‘All life is precious’]. That involves his relationship with Rick but as much his relationship with the group and with the Alexandrians. If you wanted to draw a line of what’s the difference between Rick and Morgan, [it’s] that Rick has woken up every morning thinking to himself, ‘What can I do for the group?’ and Morgan has woken up every morning since he lost his son thinking, ‘What can I do for myself?’”"

Morgan is not only fighting for his beliefs, but is also trying to keep human.  He’ll have to prove to the Rick Grimes that his sanity has returned since they last saw each other in season 3 episode 12 of The Walking Dead titled “Clear”.  He has lost his wife and son and has caught up with the only other living person who understands what he has been going through.

Dealing with the undead and other factors like The Wolves will be prevalent, but first, we’ll have to find out if Morgan has forgiven himself for the death of his wife and son.   Then, he will have to try to explain his way of life to Rick and the rest of the folks at Alexandria and see if there’s a role for him.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on October 11, 2015.  Hopefully, we’ll find out a lot more about who Morgan Jones has become during his time alone and see what kind of role he can play in Alexandria.  Until then, we’ll just have to wait and keep guessing.

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